DIY Bubble Solution

Though, to be honest, they should be a big deal in any house with toddlers and preschoolers. Last year, we rented an awesome bubble machine for their birthday party and I realized we could probably buy one for just as cheap. So we did, and, instead of paying for the expensive jugs of bubble solution, I decided to try making my own!

The solution is not hard to make and really only requires a couple of ingredients. Pour the solution straight into your bubble machine, or dip bubble wands to take turns blowing your very own bubbles. If you’re not worried about staining your outdoor area, you can even add drops of dye to your bubble solution for extra and super colorful fun.




DIY Bubble Solution

What you’ll need

A water or milk jug, or other large plastic jug

2/3 cup dish soap (which you probably already have)

1 gallon water

2-3 Tbsp glycerin (which you can get at a pharmacy or online)



  1. Pour the soap into the water, not the other way around so it doesn’t foam up.
  2. Add the glycerin and stir.
  3. Pour into your water jug, or complete the above steps in the water jug to start with, gently swirling to combine.
  4. Let the solution sit overnight for best results.

Pour into smaller containers or your machine and have a blast!

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