Best Parenting Hashtags

A few months ago, my daughter asked me what my favorite hashtag was when I was growing up. I just stared at her. How do I explain that there were no hashtags when I was growing up? To me, it’s still the number symbol.

So it got me thinking about browsing the web for some hilarious parenting hashtags, as I’m just this year kind of figuring this # thing out. I was rewarded with an embarrassing overabundance of choices! So in honor of writing this on a weekend, and also whilst hiding from my children upstairs, I’ll take a few minutes to share my favorites here:

  1. #sendwipes by  Rafael Kiermacz 
  2.  #dadchat :  Bruce Sallan created this hashtag from a dad’s point-of-view. You can even join in the chat Thursdays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time if you want to talk all things dad. Some of the pictures and stories shared are touching, and some are just downright hilarious.
  3. #kidssayoftheday: Begun by  @Nickmom , this is very much a “kids-say-the-darndest-things” kind of hashtag. Join in the conversation and add your own kid’s witticism. I read through a bunch of them and laughed out loud more than once.
  4. #kidshealth/#kidsfood: Got a picky eater? I could not believe all the photos and resources that came up when I punched this is, particularly this one from  @Genjisushibars , who makes their own kids sushi.

From the time I started writing this article to the time I completed it, I seriously realized I need to spend some time hashtagging. Oh man, us parents of the 70’s and 80’s have so much to learn.

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